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project photography:

Christopher Barrett Photographer
Sterling Partners, Enova, SoundLab, 37signals, VSA Partners, Wood House, Coffou Apartment, Claremont House, Tiny Lounge, Coffou Cottage, UA Red Carpet Club

Christopher Barrett, Hedrich Blessing
Squark, Coffou Cottage, Claremont House, Meyer Residence, Carus Residence, 630 N. Franklin, Racine Art Museum, Perimeter Gallery - New York, Furniture

Darris Lee Harris
550 St. Clair

Darris Lee Harris, Padgett and Company, Inc.
R+D 659, 550 St. Clair, 1620 S. Michigan, 630 N. Franklin

Jamie Padgett, Padgett and Company, Inc.
Liska + Associates, RSC, 1720 S. Michigan

Jamie Padgett, Karant + Associates
Perimeter Gallery - Chicago

Magda Biernat Photography.
Lincoln Building

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