Journals and Magazines

Journals and Magazines

Selected Journals and Magazines

Kaylie, Regina. “Contemporary Charm.” Florida Design, January 2017. 

Pieper, Troy. “What the ‘L’ is Transit-Oriented Development?” Chicago Architect, March/April 2016. Read the article (page 10).

Mortice, Zach. “Preserve that Hashtag: Media and the Preservation of Postmodern Architecture.” Chicago Architect, March/April 2016. Read the article (page 36).

Keegan, Edward. “1345 South Wabash Chicago Brininstool + Lynch.” Architect, September 2015. Read the article (page 150).

“Portfolio: Brininstool + Lynch.” Architect Magazine, June 2014. Read the article (Page 54).

Libby, Brian. “Urban Oasis.” Luxe Interiors + Design, Summer 2014.

“Madeira Urbana.” Revista Décor, June 2014.

Patton, Lindsay Howald. “Brininstool + Lynch: Enova.” Green Building & Design (gb&d), May 2014. Read the article.

Barash, F. Philip et al. “Design 50: Who Shapes Chicago 2014.” Newcity, March 20, 2014. Read the article.

Bentley, Chris. “House Proud.” dwell, February 2014.

Bey, Lee. “Wood House.” Residential Architect, November/December 2013. Read the article.

Lee, Lydia. “Workspace: Brininstool + Lynch.” Residential Architect, September/October 2013. Read the article.

Brake, Alan G. "Getting the Signal." Interior Design, February 2011. Read the article.

Walker, Alissa. "For a Company That Sells Productivity, A Space That Fosters It." Fast Company Co.Design Blog, October 11, 2010. Read blog post here.

Keegan, Edward.  “Tiny Lounge.”  Architect, July 2009. Read the article.

Keegan, Edward.  “Woodland Features.”  Azure, January/February 2009. 

Keegan, Edward.  “Magnificent Impressions.”  Chicago Architect, November/December 2008.

Smith, Nancy Ganiard.  “Urban Renewal.” Interior Design, July 2008. Read the article.

Wilk, Deborah.  “What They’re Reading.” Interior Design, August 2007.

Keegan, Edward. “Portfolio, Chicago Condos.” Architect, October 2006.

Bey, Lee. “The Real Chicago.” dwell, October 2006.

Keegan, Edward. “Pure Detail.” Metropolis, February 2005.

Hottinger, Katherine (ed.). “Art Cine.” Conde Nast Traveler, January 2004.

Adamson, Glenn. “A Corner Chapel for the Crafts.” American Craft, October/November 2003.

Cole, Kevin. “City to Bask in Glow of New Art Museum.” Dialogue, March/April 2003.

Czarnecki, John E. “Chicago Competition Considers New Designs.” Architectural Record, October 2003.

Hall, Peter. “Midwest Modern.” Metropolis, October 2003.

Hutchins, Shelley D. “Midwest Traditions.” Custom Home, April 2003.

Keegan, Edward. “Two Chicago Architecture Exhibitions Look to Future.” Architectural Record, April 2003.

Koplos, Janet. “Racine Museum Grows.” Art in America, July 2003.

Paul, Donna. “A Museum Comes of Age.” Interior Design, August 2003.

Slatin, Peter. “Designer Developments.” Architecture, January 2003.

Sommerhoff, Emilie W. “Art Alive.” Architectural Lighting, September/October 2003.

Webb, Michael. “Art in the Vault.” Architecture, September 2003.

Weeks, Katie. “Less is More.” Contract, July 2003.

Geran, Monica. “Wish List.” Interior Design, February 2002.

Geran, Monica. “Applied Science.” Interior Design, February 2002.

Geran, Monica. “Screen Play.” Interior Design, October 2001.

Berger, Philip. “Artists in Residence.” Chicago Magazine, October 2001.

Arieff, Allison. “There is Too a There There.” dwell, December 2000.

Cohen, Edie. “Their Kind of Town.” Interior Design, May 1998.

Hensler, Kate. “Private Residence.” Interiors, December 1997.

Hensler, Kate. “Perimeter Gallery.” Interiors, February 1997.

Cohen, Edie. “Brininstool + Lynch.” Interior Design, May 1996.

Keegan, Edward. “Perimeter Gallery Opens in Chicago Loft.” Architecture, Nov. 1996.

Spencer, Mark. “Brininstool + Lynch.” Inland Architect, August 1995.

Walker, Kathryn. “Thompson House.” World Architecture, Issue 33, 1995.

Barreneche, Raul A. “Urban Block.” Architecture, February 1995.