May 20, 2016


B+L Receives Copper in Architecture Award for Wood House

Brininstool + Lynch received the North American Copper in Architecture Award from the Copper Development Association (CDA) and the Canadian Copper and Brass Development Association (CCBDA) for Wood House. This honor was awarded at a ceremony in Philadelphia last night during the AIA National Convention & Expo.
The program’s goal is to identify projects that have succeeded in blending various elements of copper use in a particular structure: design, installation, and innovation. With a large pool of entrants, we are honored to be one of twelve projects selected this year. 
Wood House is organized in an L shape, and the copper screen wraps around one leg on four sides. The individual panels are attached to a concealed steel frame supported by the main structure of the house’s roof. The general contractor and copper fabricator worked closely with the architect to develop the framing system and minimize its appearance behind the panels. 
The first thing to catch the eye when approaching the house is a copper screen draped over the east-facing windows. This element was conceived as a means of permitting ample amounts of natural light into the second and third floors while maintaining privacy for those spaces from the street. The screen is composed of individual panels designed with a custom pattern of square and rectangular perforations and embossing. The pattern varies in scale and arrangement across each panel. The individual pieces are hand-treated with multiple layers of patina to arrive at the custom blue-green and bronze finish. 
Inside, large copper panels with a similar hand-weathered patina surround the fireplace and serve as the aesthetic backdrop for a two-story living room volume. The copper panels that hang above the fireplace continue to the exterior, where two panels are operable for outdoor storage and stair access to the roof deck.