Brininstool + Lynch was established in 1989 by Brad Lynch and David Brininstool, who had previously worked together in Chicago. Projects range from residences to high-rise buildings and are located throughout North America, primarily in the Midwest. Although the firm’s projects are diverse in type, they reflect a similar approach to resolving specific program requirements with a consistent focus on design, where regardless of project cost or type, there is a modern clarity brought to each design while maintaining a strong client identity and purpose.

Brininstool + Lynch maintains a studio environment, in which an open atmosphere contributes to a spirited exchange of ideas. This atmosphere ensures the quality of all projects, as it encourages collaboration, practical experience, and shared project data. All architects on staff bring with them knowledge and experience from diverse backgrounds and are all capable of working on a variety of project types.

The office has produced documents for over one hundred projects in the past eighteen years. Resulting construction has created millions of square feet of architectural space that has inspired workers, inhabitants, and visitors to perform, live and experience design in new and dynamic ways. The firm has accomplished this volume of work, while maintaining its quality and purpose by consistently upgrading its skills and technology, using the same critical examination applied to the design process. Office technology includes the latest hardware and software, with advanced capabilities with 3D rendering and multimedia programs.
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