October 1. From Monacelli press. An alluring overview to the thirty-year, award-winning output of Brininstool + Lynch, whose rigor, vision, and elegance has distinguished their diverse projects since its founding. - Monacelli Press
Today marks the 30th anniversary of Brininstool + Lynch. At this milestone, we reflect on how we have grown as a firm, as architects, and as a community. In 30 years, we have completed more than 250 projects spanning over 10,000,000 square feet, have been the recipient of 50 major design awards, along with being featured in 327 publications.
Shane Coen, founder of Coen+Partners, is a renowned landscape architect whose mission is to design projects that complement diverse landscapes and encourage environmental advocacy. Yesterday marked the release of his new book, “Contextual Minimalism." It features projects spanning across various geographies and highlights the relationships they share with surrounding areas.
Today we received our 28th AIA Chicago Design Excellence Award, a Divine Detail, Honor Award for the copper detailing at Wood House. The copper screens were conceived as a means of permitting natural light into the upper floors while maintaining privacy for those spaces from the street.