Wood House

28th AIA Chicago Design Excellence Award

Today we received our 28th AIA Chicago Design Excellence Award, a Divine Detail, Honor Award for the copper detailing at Wood House. The copper screens were conceived as a means of permitting natural light into the upper floors while maintaining privacy for those spaces from the street. The screens are composed of individual panels designed with a custom pattern of rectangular perforations with debossing and embossing at varying scales. The individual pieces are hand-treated with multiple layers of patina to arrive at the custom blue-green and bronze finish. When taken together as a whole, the result is a rhythmic pattern across the façade that enhances the materials and juxtaposes the dominant material of brick masonry.

Inside the house, large copper panels with a similar hand-weathered patina surround the fireplace and serve as the aesthetic backdrop for a two-story living room volume. As they continue to the exterior, these panels reinforce an experience between indoors and out.