The January / February issue of Chicago Architect is here! Jennifer Park, featured on the cover of the magazine, was awarded the Dubin Family Young Architect Award by AIA Chicago in 2019. In addition to Jennifer’s individual accomplishment, Brininstool + Lynch was named 2019 Firm of the Year and is also featured in the magazine.
David Brininstool and Jennifer Park were recently featured in an article for the Illinois Institute of Technology College of Architecture, where both Principals teach. David and Jennifer speak on the awards they've won 2019. Brininstool + Lynch was named AIA Chicago Firm of the Year and Jennifer Park was the recipient of the Dubin Family Young Architect Award.
Brad will be lecturing for the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee on Friday, November 22.  The lecture will take place at The School of Architecture and Urban Planning building at the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee. Date: Friday, November 22 Time: 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM
“Our Great Great Wall” is an exhibit designed by Jennifer Park and her team of IIT students. The project imagines walls as sites of collectivity and congregation rather than tension and segregation.
Brininstool + Lynch caps its thirtieth anniversary as winner of AIA Chicago’s 2019 Firm of the Year Award. The accolade recognizes “outstanding achievements and excellence in the body of work produced by a firm over a period of time, and the ongoing contributions of the firm to the advancement of the architectural profession.”
Jennifer Park, Brininstool + Lynch’s newest Principal, is the winner of AIA Chicago’s 2019 Dubin Family Young Architect Award. Until recently, the head of award-winning Jurassic Studio, this honor acknowledges Park’s diverse professional contributions, including as a member of the exhibit design team for the Obama Presidential Center.
Today marks the official launch of our new book, Brininstool + Lynch: Making Architecture. The monograph, according to the publisher Monacelli Press, represents “An alluring overview to the thirty-year, award-wining output of Brininstool + Lynch, whose rigor, vision, and elegance has distinguished their diverse projects since its founding.”
We want to thank everyone who helped us celebrate our thirty years at Lincoln Hall! You can find photos from the party here.