1620 S Michigan

Brininstool + Lynch Architects: 1620 S Michigan

1620 S Michigan

Chicago, Illinois


Originally planned as two independent twelve story structures, this building shares a common core that functions as a bridge joining the two.  The north structure is perpendicular to the street to offer a vertical contrast with the horizontally oriented south structure.  Its perpendicular orientation also maximizes the north structure’s views of the Loop and the surrounding outdoor living spaces.

The south structure aligns with the sidewalk and the principal massing on Michigan Avenue.  Its varied insets become outdoor living spaces that humanize the structure’s monumental scale.  A two story base common to both structures establishes a cohesive retail and residential streetscape.  Translucent glazing encloses the additional second level parking, while an articulated metal siding systems conceals the building’s ventilation system.

Project Type

Multi-Family Residential


309,000 square feet


Bovis Lend Lease, Inc.


C.E. Anderson & Associates, Structural
IG Consulting, Civil
WCW Engineers Inc., MPFP

Environmental Group, Electrical


2007 AIA Chicago Distinguished Building Award – Citation of Merit


Darris Lee Harris, Padgett & Company