2016 Olympic Master Plan

Brininstool + Lynch Architects: 2016 Olympic Master Plan

2016 Olympic Master Plan

Chicago, Illinois


We were one of a small group of firms asked by the Chicago 2016 Committee and the City of Chicago to look at integrating potential Olympic venues with the downtown, lakefront and urban neighborhoods. Our firm studied the effect of vehicular entry to the city, identifying the Ontario feeder from the Kennedy Expressway as the predominant means for automobile traffic to enter the city during the Olympics, and described it as the Ohio + Wells transit gateway.  

Our goals were to bring better visual organization to the immediate surrounds of the highway feeder by expanding green area at the roadside, establishing better views to the river and enabling the natural green to vertically expand as well – all to establish a more formal entry to the city.  During the course of the Olympics and Paralympics we thought it important to create a visual experience as one entered the city that would express the excitement and importance of the events. The concept was to temporarily wrap a four-block area of buildings in translucent fabric, allowing the buildings’ inhabitants to still see out and receive natural daylight, while enabling projected moving images of famous Chicago Olympians to be visible from the Expressway.

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6,315,000 square feet