Basecamp, a web-based software company in Chicago, hinges on the philosophy less is more” in both their software design approach and their business objectives. The office's new home in a high-ceilinged converted warehouse was designed as a minimalistic workspace by inserting a rectangular volume of team rooms for project-specific collaboration into an open plan. The volume was wrapped in a custom configuration of sound absorbing material: stacked industrial felt strips reminiscent of chalkboard erasers. The felt material frames large chalkboards and glass panels that are inset into the central volume. To provide contrast to the neutral grays and blacks and increase sound absorption, the interior of the team rooms was lined with cork panels and a custom designed red-carpet tile for the floors.

Project Type



10,000 square feet


Goldberg General Contracting


JB Engineering Services, EP
Air-Rite Heating & Cooling, Mechanical


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Christopher Barrett, Hedrich Blessing