Chicago Recording Company

Brininstool + Lynch Architects: Chicago Recording Company

Chicago Recording Company

Chicago, Illinois


Designing spaces for audio production requires the highest level of control and detail. The Chicago Recording Company is a post-production audio-film facility which brings together the latest in audio editing technology with richly detailed interior finishes and dramatic views of the city. Focused primarily on high-fidelity audio soundtracks for film, the main editing space is an acoustically isolated space within a space. A maple plywood parabolic ceiling directs sound while concealing a video projector and indirect lighting fixtures. Every detail and material, from the sound attenuation fabric speaker covers to the carpet and rubber flooring, are as aesthetically considered as they are acoustically calibrated for the space.

Project Type



1,250 square feet


Turner Special Projects


Stearn-Joglekar, Structural
Cleon Wells, Sound


Barreneche, Raul A. Brininstool + Lynch, Building on Modernism (New York: Edizioni Press, 2002)


Jamie Padgett, Karant & Associates