Claremont House

Chicago Architects Brininstool + Lynch: Claremont House

Claremont House

Chicago, Illinois


Located on the North Side of Chicago, the Claremont House questions the relentless Chicago lot while reimagining the use of materials all-to-familiar to the city’s neighborhoods. Each end of the long thin home is capped with 10’ x 15’ sheets of glass, visually connecting a narrow front facade to the open green rear at each end. Expanses of brick and concrete offset the transparency of the ends and the openness of the interior. The lithic form of the building is countered by a natural ventilation configuration, which drastically reduces energy use.

Project Type



4,250 square feet


Goldberg General Contracting


C.E. Anderson & Associates, Structural


2010 Residential Architect Design Award – Custom House
2010 Residential Architect Design Award – Design Detail
2009 AIA Chicago Divine Detail Award – Citation of Merit
2009 Builder Magazine Builder’s Choice Award – Merit Award
2008 AIA Chicago Distinguished Building Award
 – Citation of Merit
2008 AIA Chicago Interior Architecture Award
 – Honor Award


“Brininstool + Lynch: Claremont House.” January 28 – February 29, 2008. Syracuse University School of Architecture Warehouse Gallery


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Christopher Barrett, Hedrich Blessing