Freeport Art Museum

Chicago Architects Brininstool + Lynch: Freeport Art Museum

Freeport Art Museum

Freeport, Illinois

Competition, 2007

The design first engages the public from the exterior, which expresses three elements: a large horizontal volume of obscured glass with a clear glass base; an interior enclosure visible through both glass types; and a vertical zinc-clad tower to house non-public operations. The transparency of the base clearly indicates the main entry and follows the change in elevation of the ramp system between the glass and interior enclosure, permitting views to public space below grade. At the entry the visitor has the choice of being visually drawn into the lobby and from there directed to the galleries and museum store, or follow the ramp system against a curved wall to the reception hall and education spaces.

Project Type



33,970 square feet


C.E. Anderson & Associates, Structural
Ammar Eloueini, Polycarbonate Assembly Design