Freeport Art Museum

Chicago Architects Brininstool + Lynch: Freeport Art Museum

Freeport Art Museum

Freeport, Illinois

Competition, 2007

The design for the Freeport Art Museum is a careful composition of three distinct elements. The main public spaces are enclosed in a large horizontal glass volume of clear and obscured glass, while an interior glass volume contains the museums galleries. A third zinc-clad tower anchors the building into the landscape and provides space for administration and other non-public operations. Visitors enter the building through its transparent base, drawn in through the lobby to the galleries and museum store or up cascading ramp along a multi-story sinuously curved wall to a reception hall and education spaces. Throughout, the play of mass and transparency provide moments to see and be seen.  

Project Type

Arts + Culture


33,970 square feet


C.E. Anderson & Associates, Structural
Ammar Eloueini, Polycarbonate Assembly Design