Guggenheim Helsinki

Chicago Architects Brininstool + Lynch: Guggenheim Helsinki

Guggenheim Helsinki

Helsinki, Finland

Competition, 2014

This proposal images a building as port of call, a chapel for art, and a place imbued with the tactile influence of Finnish design and culture. Marking the space between water and land, this design is an implied berth for ships, a connector of vehicular transportation, and a clear public pathway. Evoking a ship's hull, it symbolizes an important civic presence with an inviting nature for public use; as a cathedral, it houses Finnish culture within an envelope of traditional materials that are articulated within a contemporary framework. Long clay bricks in a pronounced pattern are embedded into an array of pre-cast panels to create both a unique geometry for the building skin, as well as an undulating material surface that uniquely evokes a strong Nordic influence, which is mirrored in wood on the interior.

Project Type

Arts + Culture


133,095 square feet


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