H. Brody Residence

H. Brody Residence: Fireplace

H. Brody Residence

Chicago, Illinois


This project is a complete renovation of a wood-frame Victorian two-flat into a 2,400 square-foot single family residence.  In addition to restoring the façade, a skylight was added to the roof and a three-story atrium cut through the center of the house, creating a spatial relationship between the library of the third floor, the bedrooms of the second floor and the division of the dining and living area of the first floor. Steel was used to replace interior bearing walls and wood structure. Structural steel pieces were cut and used in various shapes and sizes and left exposed in some areas as part of the design. The use of steel is continued throughout the space to provide framing the interior skylight, and for the interior glass used in the master bathroom, which borrows light form the interior atrium.

Project Type



2,200 square feet


1993 Chicago Villa Award from the Chicago Athenaeum—Museum of Architecture and Design
1994 Interior Architecture Award, Honor Award, from the American Institute of Architects—Chicago


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