Liska Residence I

Liska Residence: Chicago

Liska Residence I

Chicago, Illinois


Restricted by low ceilings and building layout, the design of this high-rise apartment changes the manner in which the space is experienced.  Manipulation of light and darkness creates a sense of anticipation.  Careful detailing permit dramatic views of the city to envelope the rooms, while still maintaining the serene space within.  The owner’s photography collection becomes the only ornament.

The singular flavor of the apartment is created by translucent glass panels in custom steel frames, which separate rooms and functions.  For example, the panels hide ( or present, when open) the bar at the front of the foyer, the soaking tub adjacent to the master bedroom, and the master bedroom to the living room.  When closed, the panels convey ambient light to the interior spaces.  In addition to the soaking tub with dramatic views, the master bedroom features cabinets floated above the floor and a custom shower separate from the tub area.

Concealing the individual HVAC units within the apartment was a special challenge.  To cover the unattractive, free-standing wall units, anigre wood panels were added to match the other panels in the room and continuous grilles to cover the ducts while giving a linear appearance to top and bottom.  The wood panels provide warmth and consistency, while defining volumes and architectural planes.  Slate floors ground the space and harmonize with the other materials.

Special features include a custom-designed stainless steel tub surrounded by a sliding panel that can be closed for privacy or opened for skyline views.  Custom furniture includes the bed, constructed of anigre wood and aluminum.

Project Type



1,640 square feet


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Jamie Padgett, Padgett and Company