Murphy Institute at Tulane University

Brininstool + Lynch Architects: Murphy Institute at Tulane University

Murphy Institute at Tulane University

New Orleans, Lousiana


Our proposal begins with the restoration of the 1894 Richardson Building and the removal of later additions. The original building’s limestone base is extended northward to serve as a plinth for a new addition: a pure rectangular volume with a brick core, an intermediate enclosure of glass and metal, and an outer screen of red stone. Public spaces occupy the ground floor, readily accessible to students and visitors. The upper levels accommodate more private functions: seminar rooms on the second floor, the Departments of Economics and Philosophy on the third floor, and suites for visiting scholars on the landscaped rooftop. The transparent ground floor allows visibility into and through the addition. The red-stone screen that wraps the upper floors echoes the brick color and horizontal lines of neighboring buildings, and shades the interior like the shutters and balconies of traditional New Orleans architecture.

Project Type



63,700 square feet


C.E. Anderson & Associates, Structural