Our Great Great Wall

Brininstool + Lynch Architects: Our Great Great Wall

Our Great Great Wall

Chicago, Illinois

2018 – 2020

Our Great Great Wall is an exhibit that studies and manifest the public perception of our built environment. The project activates the wall as a site of diversity and congregation rather than perpetuates the typology of the wall as site of tension and segregation. The architecture of the “Wall” will not be a means of separation, but as mediation. To build our Wall, we began by collecting public perceptions regarding our built environment and then manifesting these perceptions in an intricately articulated modular wall. A survey is given to the public to gather their current perceptions of the nations most venerated and controversial structures, like the Trump Tower or Monticello or the White House. These responses are then transposed digitally into recognizable building figures and transformed based on their reactions. The resultant is a uniquely carved brick-like module that carries the weight of opinion. The accumulation of all these voices are the building blocks of “Our Great Great Wall.”

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Pratyush Swarup