Chicago Architects Brininstool + Lynch: Paranapiacaba



Master Plan

In the mid-nineteenth century, a British company laid a network of railway tracks over Brazil's green mountains and founded a workers' village, Paranapiacaba. After thriving for thirty years, automated machinery led Paranapiacaba's population to disperse, leaving its buildings to be abandoned by all but a few. Working with local government agencies and communities, it became clear that redeveloping the railway, both as a transportation system and a connecting corridor, was crucial to future success. The design was developed from the premise that sustainable ideals are incontrovertibly linked to the lives of the people who live there, and as such, the infrastructure and buildings must have a sense of permanence and substance to fulfill the principles of sustainability and sound environmental practices.

Project Type



2,188 acres


Urban Works, Associate Architect & Planner
Studio Mostarda, Associate Architect & Planner
EcoVidal Design, Consulting Planner
AP Monarch, Sustainability Consultant
ZFV Architecture, Consulting Architect
CM Smyrski Arbor Consulting, Consulting Landscape Architect