R. Brody Residence

Brininstool + Lynch Architects: R. Brody Residence

R. Brody Residence

Chicago, Illinois


This home in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood is wedged between three streets and constructed on a doglegged lot.  Although the lot is longer than the standard city lot, it is only 25 feet wide.  Given this restrictive plot, achieving the objective of a 16 room house “flooded in natural light with large open spaces” became even more difficult.  To maximize available light, the home is sited as far as possible to the back of the lot.  While there is no backyard, there is a landscaped entry courtyard surrounded by a wall enclosure.  The residence itself is constructed of brick masonry with generous expanses of glass.  Inside, a three story volume contains the lion’s share of rooms and runs parallel to the back section of the lot. The inside angle of the dogleg defines the main entry, the stairway to the second floor, and the media room, which is also the balcony to the living room as well as the ceiling of the dining room.  The living room turns at the angle, is held back from the street and runs parallel to the front section of the lot.  The third floor housed the master suite with its own balcony located on the roof o the living room.  Materials include slate flooring as well as birth, maple and cherry paneled wall surfaces.  Cherry is used as flooring as well, and the stairway treads are of solid maple.  Extensive built-in cabinetry throughout the space helps keep storage out of sight, in keeping with a congruous plan.

Project Type



4,200 square feet


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